Hi! My name is Misha

And I create and teach custom English courses so you can learn the English you need, your way.

I picked up English in Providence, Rhode Island, where I spent a large part of my childhood. I have a degree in Linguistics from Utrecht University.

I’ve been teaching for 12 years, and in that span, I’ve received the Cambridge CELTA teaching certificate and the Cambridge DELTA advanced diploma for teachers and course creators.

Needs analysis


Close your eyes. If your English was perfect tomorrow, what would you do? We think of the situations you actually use or want to use English and the skills you need to do it effctively.

Based on the needs analysis, we create a program that lets you focus on the situations you need while improving general English grqmmar and skills.

Support every step of the way. We make sure to constantly check in to see if what we’re doing works for you. And if it doesn’t, we change the program to make sure it does

Custom course design


One-on-One Tutoring


First, we analyze your linguistic and situational needs. Whether you want to take an exam, find a job, take part in business talks, feel more confident when socializing, we create a program that covers just what you need. The grammar and language we learn aren't abstract. They are tailored to the situational context in which you’re going to use the language. This way, we achieve our learning objectives much faster because you learn the things you actually need and you can use them right away.

If you’re working in an organization, your organization has unique linguistic needs that cannot be addressed in a standard English course. Together, we can create a custom program that will help you cover exactly the language you need in the situations you need to use them. Working in a group environment allows for greater flexibility in pair work and group exercises which make sure that everyone has enough time to talk and create a lively and stimulating atmosphere. I make sure to choose materials and subjects that are relevant to you, so you can leave every lesson feeling like you learned something and you can put that something to good use.

Group Sessions



Want to know more?

If you want to sign up for a lesson or there’s something you want to ask, send me a message and I’ll be happy to give you a free 20-minute consultation.

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